Host Family Frankfurt

You will feel right at home and enjoy an authentic German experience during your language course in Frankfurt by staying with a host family. Our host families live in the Rhein-Main area and will enjoy bringing you closer to the culture from a local's perspective.


Age Group:
17 years and up

Distance from school:
25 - 45 minutes

Sunday during the day

Saturday mornings

Room type:
Single / Double room


depends on booking


Accommodation Prices

Family Accommodations1week 2weeks 3weeks 4weeks --weeks
Single room with breakfast--
Single room with half board--
Double room with breakfast--
Double room with half board--
Single room (no meals)--

  • High season supplement (27.06. - 21.08.2021): 20 € per week
  • Winter break supplement (19.12.2021 - 01.01.2022): 100 € (one time)
  • Additional night surcharge: 35 € - 55 €
  • One-way transfer to/from airport (FRA) or main train station: 80 €
  • an additional tourism fee of 14 € per week will be charged; not applicable to stays longer than 12 weeks (registration with the city's Office for Residence Registration required)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the hosts?

Who are the hosts?

Our hosts are families and individuals that enjoy getting to know people from all over the world. Our staff takes special care when choosing individuals and host families to ensure a friendly and open atmosphere and one in which German can be spoken. Hosts may be single individuals or couples, with or without children, employed full time or already in retirement so  they have more time for you. We visit our hosts regularly and many have had years of experience taking in our students. 

Our hosts live in different parts of the city. To get to school, you will usually need to take public transportation. The host will gladly explain the best way to travel but can't usually accompany you to school. Typically, the trip takes 25 - 45 minutes. Approximately 2-4 weeks before arrival you will receive a host family profile with contact and other important information.

Host Families

  • Choose either single or double room
  • Choose either breakfast only or breakfast and dinner (half-board)
  • You will share the bath. Use of kitchen is not allowed.

Hosts (Privat Room Option)

  • You can only choose single room here.
  • No meals offered.
  • You will share the bath and the kitchen.
  • Less opportunity to interact in comparison to our classic host family option.

If the chemistry between you and your host isn't the best, speak with our staff. We will try to find an alternative option.


How are the rooms furnished?

How are the rooms furnished?

As a rule, our guest rooms have a place to sleep (bed, sometimes sofa-bed), a place to store clothing and usually a desk and chair. Many hosts also provide a television or other extra ammenities for you to use. 

Rooms are cleaned weekly. Keep your room picked up so your host can clean more easily.

You will receive fresh bed linens and towels regularly.


Are there house rules?

Are there house rules?

Our hosts will share their house rules with you so you will understand their expectations. In some homes, for example, there may be certain rooms you are not allowed to enter. In most cases you will receive a key so you can come and go independently. Be especially careful, because you will bear the cost of replacement should you lose your key.

Respect Germany's quiet hours (for example, no loud music in your room after 10 p.m.). In Germany, quiet hours are particularly valued. If you are still a minor, certain youth protection rules pertain as well. There are strict rules governing when you must be home.

If you would like to invite friends over, you must ask your hosts ahead of time for permission.

What board (meal) options are available?

What board (meal) options are available?

When booking accommodation with a host family you will have the opportunity to choose breakfast only or half-board (breakfast and dinner).

A booking with breakfast only would include a typical cold German breakfast (for example, bread or roll, butter, sausage or jam, water or tea) and on weekends perhaps an egg. No breakfast is provided on the day of arrival.

A booking with half-board includes two meals per day: breakfast and dinner. Traditionally, the evening meal in Germany is cold, but most host families offer a warm dinner. Please note that in Germany the evening meal is usually between 6:30 - 8:30 p.m., so plan your day to correspond with your host family's schedule. If you do not plan to be home for dinner, please let your host know. It is possible the host family will not be able to provide an evening meal on the day of your arrival if time does not allow it. Board ends with breakfast on the day of departure.

Can allergies be accommodated?

Can allergies be accommodated?

If you have allergies, let us know when you register (at the latest) so we can take this into consideration when choosing your accommodation.

The following allergies can be accommodated:

  • Pet hair allergies: Let us know whether the host family can have pets.
  • Vegetarian meals, or, for example, meals without pork, can be provided at no additional cost.
  • Food allergies, for example, lactose intolerance or gluten sensitivity, require a surcharge of 35 € per week.

To find out whether other allergies can be accommodated, please contact our service team.

May I use the kitchen?

May I use the kitchen?

The private room option (single room without board) offers the opportunity to use the host's kitchen. You must purchase groceries yourself.

Please be careful with the kitchen and cooking utensils. Use the kitchen according to the house rules and only during permissable times (for example, use of the kitchen after 10 p.m. may not be allowed in many households)

Should you choose the breakfast only or half-board options, use of the kitchen is usually not allowed. If the relationship is going well, you may have choose to ask for permission to use the kitchen. Many host families will agree, but we cannot guarantee kitchen use.


Will I have my own bathroom?

Will I have my own bathroom?

In most cases you will share the bathroom with the host. Very few hosts offer private baths or separate toilets.

Please pay particular attention to the house rules when using the bathroom. You are living communally and it is expected that you leave the bathroom clean after each use.

Germans are particularly interested in caring for the environment and use resources sparingly. Do not take excessively long showers and discuss the bathroom schedule with your host.

Where can I do laundry?

Where can I do laundry?

Most host families have a washing machine. Please ask whether you are allowed to use the washing machine and how it should be operated. Some hosts will do your laundry for you. Please note that hosts will not be held responsible should laundry be damaged. Most hosts impose a charge for using the washing machine to cover electricity, water and laundry detergent.

If your host does not allow use of the washing machine, you will be able to find laundromats in the area where you can wash and dry clothing for a minimal charge.

Will I have internet access?

Will I have internet access?

Some hosts offer internet access for a fee, others do not. We cannot guarantee internet access, because, according to German law, individuals are personally liable for all usage of their private connection. In the past, some hosts have suffered financial losses because they provided internet access (for example, when participants downloaded music or movies on the internet from illegal platforms).

If you require an internet connection, we recommend buying a  SIM card with data option (LTE) in Germany. The cost is approximately 20 € per month.

At our school you will have access to free wifi and can also borrow a USB-Surf-Stick (without SIM card).


What happens in case of loss or damage?

What happens in case of loss or damage?

You are responsible for all loss or damage you cause to a host's property. We recommend all course participants purchase renter's liability insurance. This can be purchased online here: : Care Concept Care Protector. If you are not covered by liability insurance, you must pay your host directly for any damage you cause. If you have any questions or are uncertain about this policy, contact our school staff for help or clarification.